Miscarriage: Life After Loss 

tumblr_inline_n7h7eb9mLS1sp793h(Essay – My story) My miscarriage came to me in a dream. I was at a friend’s house and was in her washroom when suddenly piles of blood came gushing from me. I screamed for my husband and he threw open the door and gasped at the site of so much blood. Then I woke up. As it slowly dawned on me that it was all just a terrible dream I lay back in bed, shaken but relieved. So, SO relieved. Later that day, I would begin to bleed. Read more

My Story Of Miscarriage And Moving On 

(Metro feature, Story 1) I was having coffee with friends when we got on the subject of pregnancy, and someone jokingly elbowed me, pointing out that I’ve managed to survive pregnancy twice. “Four times, actually,” I wanted to say, thinking back to 2014 when I was pregnant three times. Read more

Women Open Up To End the Stigma 

(Metro feature – Story 2) This is a story about profound shame and loneliness. It’s about a secret club that will be joined by one in three Canadian women at least once in their lives. It’s about miscarriage and infant loss, something that’s only talked about in whispers. The women in this story are tired of whispering. They are proud mothers of babies they will never know, babies many of their loved ones never even knew existed. Read more

(Metro feature – Story 3) “You are no longer pregnant.” Those are the first words Madelaine remembers hearing from the health practitioner who had just removed the fetus from her uterus. A statement so de facto, it can only be referred to as cold. Like a dentist giving you a filling and announcing, “There, you no longer have a cavity.” Read more

Men Open Up About Their Loss 

davidalexander1-0(Metro feature – Story 4) David Alexander and his wife weren’t exactly trying for a baby when she became pregnant with number two. Their shock turned to joy as they began to adjust their plans for life with two kids. But when his wife started to bleed, that dream was dashed. Alexander’s wife came home from the emergency room appearing stoic and collected. That first day, it was Alexander who broke down. Read more

Pregnancy Loss: A common language 

(Metro feature – Story 5) There’s a particular group of women particularly underserved by the scant outpatient support services available after the death of an infant: Those who speak English as a second language. And with more people than ever reaching out to PAIL for support, the largely volunteer-run organization is struggling to meet the needs of those families. Read more

Giving Compassion: Miscarriage care packages 

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-3-19-17-pm(Metro feature – Story 6) Anyone who knows someone that’s lost a baby knows how hard it is to find the right way to support them. You want to help ease their suffering without feeling intrusive, and that’s a fine line to tread. That’s where Lindsay Forsey comes in. Forsey is the founder of Tenth Moon Mothercare, which curates and sells postnatal care packages. Read more

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