Why You Need an Emergency Preparedness Kit 

(Originally published in Metro Vancouver) Every region in B.C. is at risk to a variety of disasters, including earthquakes, wildfires and flooding. All of them can leave residents cut off, or forced to flee. How many of us would be ready to pick up and go at a moment’s notice? Read story

Our new life in Kelowna

(Originally published in The View In Mission) Sometimes when I can’t get my toddler to sleep, I put her in the car, pick a direction, and drive. It doesn’t take long for her to pass out, and for me to get lost. I’ve been lost in the labyrinth that is old Glenmore, on windy streets that climb the Upper Mission, and on mountain roads. Read more

-3Smallprint Okanagan

(Sponsored post) I often worry I’m not doing enough to capture my daughter’s fleeting childhoods – tangible, tactile things I can touch and feel, and that will remind me of their smallness. Which is why I love my silver necklace from Smallprint Okanagan. Read more

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