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No One Takes Pictures Of Moms—So I’m Doing Something About It

Original story published in Today’s Parent on Sept. 8, 2017

I had a bitter epiphany earlier this month when, (belatedly) editing hundreds of pictures from last Christmas, I realized there was not one photo of me. If an outsider had been scrolling through the documentation of our family’s yuletide bliss, they would likely have surmised that this family did not, in fact, include a wife or mother. Read story

Don’t call me “mommy”

(Toronto Star)  Recently, I overhead a conversation between friends in which one told the other that I have a “mommy blog.” It’s a term I’m familiar with, but had never considered it might apply to me, and I found myself offended without really understanding why. Read more

-1Post-baby body B.S. (The View)

I’m standing in the shower staring forlornly in the mirror, lifting and flattening my belly in an attempt to remember what it looked like four years ago, before babies. There are days when I look at this body and don’t recognize it. Read story

Feeding my family is the bane of my existence (Today’s Parent)

Feeding my family is, hands down, the parenting task I loathe the most. No matter how much forethought I put into to each person’s individual preferences, the meal I make will offend someone. Read story

-1Cellphone Neglect & the Judgment of Others

I’m at the pool watching my kid in her swim lesson. I can hear my daughter shriek with laughter and my eyes look up to find her splashing with her classmates. Then they slide back down to my phone, where I’m emailing my editor. Read more

Parenting, and other peoples’ advice

Have we all gone a little bit overboard with the “how dare you judge me?!” outrage that’s sweeping parenting blogs, Facebook groups and play dates lately? I feel like every other article is a tirade against parents who pipe up with “unsolicited” advice, which apparently makes you a total d-bag. Read more

Social media and Competitive Parenting (Toronto Star)

It happens almost daily: I log in to Facebook. I scroll through my feed. And I’m bombarded with photographs of babies from my mom group eating solids or sitting unassisted. Then I look at my own 6-month-old daughter lying like a blob and I feel a twang of panic. Read more

On Bad Parenting and Terrible Mistakes

Let’s all put down our pitchforks and torches for a minute, and talk reasonably about a terrible tragedy that just happened at the Cincinnati Zoo. Read more

Calling-All-Frazzled-Parents-11-2-12Losing control

It’s a ubiquitous image, one that seems to sum up parenthood in all forms of media: the frazzled shell-shocked parent – slightly unkempt, eye twitching, on the verge of melting down as unruly children bounce around a disastrous living room. I understand it finally, that feeling of being frayed. Read more

messy-house-620x349Small human, big trouble

They’re right. They’re always right: you know should be worried when your usually active and noisy child has suddenly gone quiet – because it means she’s up to something. It only takes a nanosecond. Just enough time for me to get a new roll of paper towel or to let the dog out, and she’s GONE. Read more

motherdaughter-1Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to moms near and far, to moms we get to see everyday, and moms we can only talk to in prayer. Moms whose babies have grown, and moms whose babies are growing inside them. Moms who work, moms who stay home. Moms who are sad, moms who yell, moms who are tired. Read more

DSCF1782-1024x682Advice for myself, a year later

A year ago today I was a brand new mother and my world was a jumble of joy and fear. I was both over and under-stimulated. Days were spent doing very little while somehow being horribly chaotic. They were quiet and noisy. Looking back on those tumultuous, exhausting and emotional first weeks, here’s the advice I would have given myself. Read more

Five-daycare-problems-solved-Sept2009-iStockBack to work, baby

This has been a big week for Isla and me. The biggest one we’ve had since she came into this world. A week of growth and growing apart. This lump in my throat, I guess, is what motherhood is about. After a year of being attached at the hip (erm, boob), we have taken the first of many small steps away from each other: I’ve gone back to work. Read more

534291_10153276764575381_354244642_n1 Let’s take more photos of moms

There’s a photo of my mother and me that I know by heart. I’m in her arms in my grandparents’ backyard. I’m reaching out and smiling at someone off-camera. My mother’s blonde hair is cut short. She is wearing a lavender blouse and is looking down me, smiling. She looks beautiful. And she looks proud. Read more

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