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Reinventing Valentine’s Day As a Family (when you’re not a romantic)

By KRISTEN THOMPSON, Feb. 2018. Originally published in The View magazine

Every year, I always secretly hope the world will skip over Valentine’s Day. I felt this way when I was single, when I was in relationships, and even after I got married (perhaps even more so after I got married).

Truthfully, it’s always felt like the year’s most contrived holiday. Each Feb. 14, my husband and I would sit on opposite ends of the couch watching Netflix and cheers-ing in celebration of being home in our PJs, rather than out for forced romantic dinner. Read more

19 Things I Wish I’d Know About Having a C-section

It was the labour that would never end, and the baby that would never descend. No amount of walking, exercise balling, hypnobirthing, and pitocin-ing was working, and after four days we finally waved the white flag. I remember a doctor standing at the foot of my bed while they prepped the OR, and asking, “Do you have any questions?” Read more

Restaurant bag for tiny diners

Have you ever gone out for dinner with your kid and regretted it the second you sat down? Maybe the restaurant didn’t have a kids’ menu or colouring book. Maybe the food took forever and your squirmy starving child lost her mind waiting for her fries and saltines. Well, a restaurant bag will help! Read more

DSCF1782-1024x682Advice for myself, one year ago today

A year ago today I was a brand new mother and my world was a jumble of joy and fear. I was both over and under-stimulated. Days were spent doing very little while somehow being horribly chaotic. They were so, so quiet, and yet very, very noisy. Looking back on those tumultuous, exhausting and emotional first weeks – and knowing what I do now a year into motherhood – here’s the advice I would have given that tentative and overwhelmed new mom. Read more

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 5.20.07 PMBoys will be be boys, and girls will be girls?

One of my biggest parenting pet peeves is the insane propensity for the toy and kids’ clothing industry to market their products toward either girls or boys. Take a stroll down the aisles of big box toy and clothing stores and you’ll see a clear gender divide between the boys’ section and the girls’ section with very little middle-ground. Read more

giftideasforhimBaby shower gifts – the do’s and the don’ts

Trying to come up with something to buy a friend, family member or co-worker as a baby gift can be daunting. As someone who’s given gifts and received them, here are my top pics for baby shower or baptism gifts, whether you know the person intimately, or just barely. Here are my ideas for the best gifts to get people who are expecting or who have just had a baby. … Read more

Screen shot 2014-07-08 at 6.48.18 PMFavourite baby dining gear

Feeding baby: it’s messy, it’s frustrating, and it’s weirdly exciting. Everyone does it differently, and everyone uses different stuff to get that grub in their gullets. I’ve come across some less-than-useful inventions (formula dispenser, bottle sterilizer, bottle warmer), and some head-smackingly brilliant baby feeding whatnots that make life just that little bit easier. And isn’t that all that we want? Here are my fave baby feeding products so far, from newborn to toddler. Read more

baby_sign_lang-525x700Signs, signs, everywhere are signs

I had a monumental moment with my daughter a few days ago. I was watching TV and she was sitting quietly in my lap on the couch, when suddenly she looked up at me and, without being prompted, gave me the sign for “eat.” We’ve been diligently signing “eat” before presenting her with a boob or bottle since almost day one. Read more

DSCF4940Favourite books – 6 to 12 months

Reading is an important part of downtime in our family, and has become an lovely part of Isla’s bedtime routine. After she’s had her last bottle, her bath and gotten into her PJs, she curls up in our arms in the little reading corner in her nursery, and we delve into the wonderful world of stories. Read more

Baby-LibraryBuild-a-library baby shower

Reading has always been an important part of my life, and I want to pass on that passion to Isla. So to get her started on the right track, we showered her with books before she was even born. So we had a build-a-library baby shower. Read more


gdiapersHow I became a cloth diaper convert

When I was pregnant and we told people we wanted to “try” cloth diapering our baby, we were usually met with a raised eyebrow and a “we’ll just see how long that lasts!” smirk. People are dubious about cloth diapering, and I don’t blame them. The choices are truly overwhelming. It seems gross, too, doesn’t it? Well, first let me arm you with some background on cloth diapers. Read more

grocery-bill-receiptHow we slashed our grocery bill

There was a time when we shopped for groceries willy-nilly. When the cupboards seemed bare we went to the store and walked every aisle, picking up stuff that looked good. But we didn’t have a plan for anything we bought, and if we came up with a dinner idea, like tacos, invariably we’d have to dart out for a couple ingredients. Read more


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