Best Ever Pumpkin Spice Play Dough

I know that pumpkin spice has become a cliche of the fall season. Everything seems to be infused with the flavours and scents of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. And I’ll be honest: I love it. I love pumpkin Baileys, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin muffins. And now I love pumpkin play dough.

Reinventing Valentine’s Day For Kids (& as a non-romantic)

Every year, I always secretly hope the world will skip over Valentine’s Day. It’s always felt like the year’s most contrived holiday. My husband and I would sit on opposite ends of the couch watching Netflix and cheers-ing being home rather than out for forced romantic dinner. Read more

5 Thanksgiving Busy Boxes

Thanksgiving is almost upon us (well, in Canada, anyway), and the days are getting shorter and cooler. Here are five great Thanksgiving-themed activities to keep your little people occupied and away from the boob tube.

FullSizeRender5 Valentine’s Day Busy Boxes

  • Lacing Hearts
  • Homemade Cards
  • Valentine Craft (from Michael’s)
  • Scented Play Dough Cookies
  • Rainbow Rice Letter Recognition

IMG_1209Potato Stamp Valentine’s Cards

I remember making potato stamp Valentine’s Day cards with my mother when I was in elementary school. We would sit around the kitchen table the night before our class party, dipping our potatoes into poster paint and making cards for all our classmates. I loved that my contribution to each of their Valentine’s Day mailboxes was hand-made. Read more

Scented play dough cookies

It was a home-from daycare sick day today, so we decided to make pretend Valentine’s Day cookies and practice our rolling. I whipped up a batch of this super easy, silky soft two-ingredient dough recipe, that’s just two parts corn starch to one part hair conditioner (and then food colouring if you want). Read more

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