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What FINALLY Fixed My Kid’s Picky Eating

Original story published by Kristen Thompson in Today’s Parent on Sept. 18, 2017

After nearly four years of mealtime meltdowns, we’ve finally cracked the code to getting my picky preschooler to eat, and I want to shout this revelation from the rooftops.

(Mostly) gone are the days of coercing, begging, bribing and threatening. (Virtually) eliminated are the perpetual power struggles between a stubborn kid and equally stubborn parents.

It was a head-slapper, in retrospect. Read story here

Halloween Candy: How 3 Dietitian Moms Deal With It 

Halloween is fast approaching, and I’m already cringing at the thought of the candy that’s going to rain down from my kids’ trick-or-treat bags and onto my living room floor. Read story

13 Quick & Healthy Halloween Snacks

Ahhhh Halloween. It’s in a footrace with Christmas for my favourite holiday. And I’ve recently discovered that it comes with the opportunity to put the cutest snacks in my kids’ lunches. Here are 13 (mostly) quick and easy Halloween-themed treats to add to school lunches this week. Bonus: They’re all healthy. Enjoy!

Feeding My Family is the Bane of My Existence (Today’s Parent)

Feeding my family is, hands down, the parenting task I loathe the most. No matter how much forethought I put into to each person’s individual preferences, the meal I make will offend someone. Read story

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.03.34 PMBabylicious welcomes tykes into T.O. eateries (Toronto Star)

Tabülé on Queen St. E. is packed with media moms and their babies. We’re sitting at tables chatting while the kids, strapped into high chairs, suck back food pouches. All the kids, that is, except my 3-year-old. Read more

dreamstimel50397858.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoKids and food allergies (Toronto Star)

Any new parent will likely agree to at least these two universal truths: you want to do what’s best for your kid, and what’s best is often subjective. Most people will tell you just to go with your gut, but what happens when your gut is the problem? … Read more

BE030209 Why won’t my freaking kid eat?

I just spent 20 minutes patiently trying to “persuade” my daughter to eat food, ANY food (and delicious food at that): cheese cubes, toast with peanut butter, blueberry rice puffs, strawberry and apple puree. I tried to feed her from my fingers, from a spoon, from her own fingers. I dipped her beloved Baby MumMum cracker in the mushy food and tried to coax it into her mouth… Read more

Restaurant bag for tiny diners

Have you ever gone out for dinner with your kid and regretted it the second you sat down? Maybe the restaurant didn’t have a kids’ menu or colouring book. Maybe the food took forever and your squirmy starving child lost her mind waiting for her fries and saltines. Well, a restaurant bag will help! Read more



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