Our Fave Sippy Cups

Of all the kid’s gear that’s caused me the most stress, it’s sippy cups. At one point we had an entire cupboard of them. After four years of trial and error, we’ve finally found the best sippy cups ever. Have I peaked your interest? Read more

Restaurant bag for tiny diners

Have you ever gone out for dinner with your kid and regretted it the second you sat down? Maybe the restaurant didn’t have a kids’ menu or colouring book. Maybe the food took forever and your squirmy starving child lost her mind waiting for her fries and saltines. Well, a restaurant bag will help! Read more

Screen shot 2014-07-08 at 6.48.18 PMFavourite baby dining gear

Feeding baby: it’s messy, it’s frustrating, and it’s weirdly exciting. Everyone does it differently, and everyone uses different stuff to get that grub in their gullets. I’ve come across some less-than-useful inventions (formula dispenser, bottle sterilizer, bottle warmer), and some head-smackingly brilliant baby feeding whatnots that make life just that little bit easier. And isn’t that all that we want? Here are my fave baby feeding products so far, from newborn to toddler… Read more

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