Womanhood and gender

On breastfeeding

Get Your Milk On A collection of all our stories on breastfeeding Facebook needs your brelfies (published in Metro) I have this secret stash of selfies on my laptop that I wish I could post online except they show too much nipple. Or more nipple than I’m used to showing off to Facebook friends. They’re pics I’ve taken of me breastfeeding, snapped in secret because I wanted to capture the moment for posterity, even though I figured it was maybe…

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How to get a bikini body – FAST!

Get a bikini body fast with guaranteed results I wish I had known how easy it was to get a beach-body before now. Follow this simple three-step guide and you’ll be beach ready faster than you can say sand-in-my-pants. Take your favourite bikini from the drawer and put it on. This second step is optional, but I never skip it myself: Grab a razor of your choice (I use Bic) and take care of those pesky stray hairs. This should…

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Baby talk

When innocent comments sexualize kids Experts say calling kids ‘flirt’ or ‘heartbreaker’ can actually damage their understanding of sexuality Original story ran in Toronto Star on Aug. 21, 2016 I’ll admit to having done something super cliché when I found out one of my best friends was expecting a boy after my daughter was born: I started planning our kids’ wedding. At their first play date — and let me emphasize that they were just little blobs lying on a…

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Who’s your mommy?

Unless you’re my kid, don’t refer to me as “mommy” In adding the prefix to jobs and hobbies, we’re looking down on the work and activities that mothers take part in Original story for the Toronto Star on Oct. 13. Read online version here   Recently, I overhead a conversation between friends in which one told the other that I have a “mommy blog.” It’s a term I’m familiar with, but had never considered it might apply to me, and…

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Men and miscarriage

More men seeking help after partner’s miscarriage Men rarely take time off work to deal with the grief that comes after losing a baby. The idea that men are emotionless is outdated. Let’s talk Original article for Metro, published Oct. 13, 2016. Read online here David Alexander and his wife weren’t exactly trying for a baby when she became pregnant with number two. Their shock turned to joy as they began to adjust their plans for life with two kids.…

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Miscarriage care packages

Sending Love Hamilton mom creates care carefully curated packages for women who have lost a pregnancy or infant Original article for Metro, published Oct. 13, 2016. Read online here (second half of the story) Anyone who knows someone that’s lost a baby knows how hard it is to find the right way to support them. You want to help ease their suffering without feeling intrusive, and that’s a fine line to tread. That’s where Lindsay Forsey comes in. Forsey is…

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A common language

‘Just As Desperate’: Non-English Speaking Women Struggle Finding Miscarriage Support PAIL says a growing number of women who have a miscarriage in Canada’s major cities are looking for support in other languages Original article for Metro, published Oct. 13, 2016. Read online here There’s a particular group of women especially under served by the scant outpatient support services available after the death of an infant: Those who speak English as a second language.  And with more people than ever reaching…

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The cold truth

Medical Community Too Clinical When Women Lose a Baby It’s more than an earache. Women tell Metro that hospitals and clinics could’ve shown more compassion and offered psychological care   Original article for Metro, published Oct. 13, 2016. Read online here “You are no longer pregnant.” Those are the first words Toronto mom Madelaine (who did not want her last name used) remembers hearing from the health practitioner who had just removed the dead fetus from her uterus. “You are…

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Feature

Metro News ran six stories about miscarriage ahead of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, which aims to destigmatize miscarriage. These are the stories   My story of miscarriage and moving on I was having coffee with friends when we got on the subject of pregnancy, and someone jokingly elbowed me, pointing out that I’ve managed to survive pregnancy twice. “Four times, actually,” I wanted to say, thinking back to 2014 when I was pregnant three times. Read more  …

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You’re not alone

Ending the Silence and Stigma 150 brave women from coast-to-coast shared their stories of loss with me. These are just some of their stories Original article for Metro, published Oct. 13, 2016. Read online here This is a story about profound shame and loneliness. It’s about a secret club that will be joined by one in three Canadian women at least once in their lives. It’s about miscarriage and infant loss, something that’s only talked about in whispers. The women…

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