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How to make an emergency preparedness kit

Flooding, Wildfires in Kelowna Highlight Need For Emergency Kits Disasters happen — if you had to leave home at a moment’s notice, could you? Originally published in Metro Vancouver on May 14, 2017. Read online here Just as the City of Kelowna issued a boil water advisory, my kids decided they were dying of thirst and needed water immediately. Of course they weren’t dying of thirst, and didn’t need it immediately, but I loaded everyone into the car and drove…

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Feeding my picky eater

  Why feeding my family is the parenting task I loathe most Story originally published in Today’s Parent on June 21, 2017. Read online version here “I’m just giving her anything she wants to eat and we’re not going to fight it.” My husband issues this fait accompli while reaching into the maw of the fridge for the leftover mac and cheese. He already sounds defeated by our inevitable dinnertime showdown with our preschooler, and it hasn’t even begun. It’s…

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Mother’s Day without your mom

  When Mother’s Day is a Reminder Of Loss Many people find this time of year difficult as they are reminded of their mothers who passed away Original story published in the Toronto Star on May 12, 2017. Read online version here. We have a new Mother’s Day tradition, and it’s bittersweet. You see, we’re not able to celebrate with my husband’s mother. She passed away four years ago, when I was pregnant with our first baby. As long as…

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The Good Fight

This Is What Real Heroism Looks Like A teen and her aunt want Sick Kids cancer patients to feel like heroes — so they’re making them capes Published in Toronto Star March 31, 2017. Read online here As Isabelle Bero prepared for her first round of cancer treatment at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, the 13-year-old turned to her great aunt and said: “I wonder what kind of super powers the chemo’s going to give me.” Those words ignited a…

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Dog nurses kitten, pair become inseparable

An unlikely love story: Dog nurses kitten, becomes surrogate mother Five years after spontaneously making milk to nurse a kitten she’d only just met, Chloe and her kitten baby Hannah are still inseparable • Watch video → here • Theirs is not the typical mother-daughter relationship. At least as not as far as four-legged families go. For starters, mom Chloe is a dog. A mini bull terrier, to be exact. And her adopted daughter Hannah is, well, a cat. If this…

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What not to say to someone who’s just had a c-section

13 things you should never say to a C-section mom “All that matters is you had a healthy baby.” Uh, no Today’s Parent Magazine. Published March 20, 2017. Read online here I’m not going to name names, but after my first c-section, someone had the gall to inform me I was lucky because I got to forego labour. It wasn’t the first boneheaded comment someone made about my C-sections. And it wouldn’t be the last. But it was maybe the…

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Working from home

‘Role-Blurring A Common Reality For Parents Who Work From Home It might sound luxurious, but with children, the reality is a lot messier, as the viral BBC video shows Toronto Star, March 14, 2017. Read online here If you spent more than a nanosecond online over the weekend, you probably saw the video of a toddler video bombing her dad as he’s giving a Skype interview with the BBC. The first time I watched it, I laughed out loud as…

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I Love You Day

Valentine’s Day the family way Here are some tips on how best to spread the love and include children in the fun Original story published in the Toronto Star on Feb. 14, 2017 Valentine’s Day has become notably less romantic in my household these past few years. A fancy home-cooked meal would be passionately rejected by the kids, and wine gets knocked over so often that we have to drink it out of sippy cups. And hiring a babysitter to…

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Time to learn about 911?

How to teach your kid to call 911 Knowing how to reach first responders is a skill that could save a life Original story published for Today’s Parent on Feb. 13, 2017. Read online here. The last thing Tracey Smith* recalls before blacking out on her bathroom floor is the sound of her three-year-old’s voice. “I can remember my son asking me something, but I didn’t have the ability to respond,” says the Alberta mom of two. “And then I…

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Opinion pieces

I love writing, and I love journalism. I’ve worked for 11 incredible years in this  industry, sticking my elbows out to get the best shot at crammed press conferences, interviewing amazing people (like Romeo Dallaire), and sweating through tight deadlines in high energy newsrooms. But in 2015 I made the decision to take my career down a different path, saying goodbye to the newsroom so I could freelance and blog, while being home with my children. Stick around to check…

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