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MOM FASHION A Love Letter To Leggings They’re versatile, comfortable, and a staple of the mom uniform. Oh, and, to clear up any remaining debate, leggings ARE pants By KRISTEN THOMPSON. Original story ran in Today’s Parent on Feb. 4, 2018 We’ve all slept in this morning and I’m still groggy from my 453rd straight night of bad sleep thanks to children. With less than 15 minutes to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door, I stagger into my…

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Love Day with kiddos

VALENTINE’S DAY WITH KIDS Reinventing Valentine’s Day As a Family (when you’re not a romantic) By KRISTEN THOMPSON, Feb. 2018. Originally published in The View magazine Every year, I always secretly hope the world will skip over Valentine’s Day. I felt this way when I was single, when I was in relationships, and even after I got married (perhaps even more so after I got married). Truthfully, it’s always felt like the year’s most contrived holiday. Each Feb. 14, my…

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Why I don’t leverage Santa

XMAS & KIDS Why I Don’t Use Santa As A Bribe For Good Behaviour Original story published in Today’s Parent on Dec. 1, 2017. Read it here If there’s one thing I’ve learned in four years of parenthood, it’s that there are some threats I’ll definitely follow through on, but others simply cannot be enforced. “If you don’t eat any dinner, you’ll get no dessert.” Sure. “Continue fighting in the back seat and I’ll turn this car around.” Yep, I…

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Holidays far from home

THANKSGIVING We’re Holiday Orphans Once Again – But We’ll Be Fine By Kristen Thompson. Published in The View, Oct. 2017 The meaning of Thanksgiving has been evolving slowly as I get older, and as my life changes. Of course, the overarching theme has always been constant – to reflect on and offer gratitude for what and whom I have in my life. But the “what” and “whom” seem to change slightly from year to year. Sometimes the changes are subtle,…

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Stephen King’s IT scarred me for life

  KIDS AND TV Watching Scary Movies Can Cause Lasting Trauma Thinking of letting your kid watch a horror movie this Hallowe’en? Think again, says one University of Toronto prof… and thousands of adults who watched IT as kids By Kristen Thompson. Published in Toronto Star, Sept. 7, 2017. Read online here Twenty-seven years after literature’s most terrifying clown made his TV debut, Pennywise is back, this time on the big screen. And many of us who had no business…

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First day of school and all the feels

The Love-Hate of Back-to-School By Kristen Thompson. Originally published in The View The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and little people across the city (and their parents) are preparing for a milestone I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready for: the first day of school. As I type the word “school”, I’m getting choked up. Had we stayed in Ontario, my four-year-old would be about to start Kindergarten. And while I’m relieved to have this extra…

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How to make an emergency preparedness kit

OKANAGAN LIFE Flooding, Wildfires in Kelowna Highlight Need For Emergency Kits If you had to leave home at a moment’s notice, could you? Originally published in Metro Vancouver on May 14, 2017. Read online here Just as the City of Kelowna issued a boil water advisory, my kids decided they were dying of thirst and needed water immediately. Of course they weren’t dying of thirst, and didn’t need it immediately, but I loaded everyone into the car and drove to…

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Feeding my picky eater

Why feeding my family is the parenting task I loathe most Story originally published in Today’s Parent on June 21, 2017. Read online version here “I’m just giving her anything she wants to eat and we’re not going to fight it.” My husband issues this fait accompli while reaching into the maw of the fridge for the leftover mac and cheese. He already sounds defeated by our inevitable dinnertime showdown with our preschooler, and it hasn’t even begun. It’s been…

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Mother’s Day without your mom

  When Mother’s Day is a Reminder Of Loss Many people find this time of year difficult as they are reminded of their mothers who passed away Original story published in the Toronto Star on May 12, 2017. Read online version here. We have a new Mother’s Day tradition, and it’s bittersweet. You see, we’re not able to celebrate with my husband’s mother. She passed away four years ago, when I was pregnant with our first baby. As long as…

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The Good Fight

This Is What Real Heroism Looks Like A teen and her aunt want Sick Kids cancer patients to feel like heroes — so they’re making them capes Published in Toronto Star March 31, 2017. Read online here As Isabelle Bero prepared for her first round of cancer treatment at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, the 13-year-old turned to her great aunt and said: “I wonder what kind of super powers the chemo’s going to give me.” Those words ignited a…

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