Body image and self love

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MOM FASHION A Love Letter To Leggings They’re versatile, comfortable, and a staple of the mom uniform. Oh, and, to clear up any remaining debate, leggings ARE pants By KRISTEN THOMPSON. Original story ran in Today’s Parent on Feb. 4, 2018 We’ve all slept in this morning and I’m still groggy from my 453rd straight night of bad sleep thanks to children. With less than 15 minutes to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door, I stagger into my…

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Post-pregnancy baby body B.S.

You don’t need to get your body back – it didn’t go anywhere Story originally published in The View, July, 2017 I’m standing in the shower staring forlornly in the mirror, lifting and flattening my belly in an attempt to remember what it looked like four years ago, before babies. There’s a tight white scar that marks the place where my c-section incision was, and my flesh over it is soft, like the half deflated balloon wasting away in my…

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Love letters to c-sections moms

Love Letters To C-Section Moms From Your Spouse: You’re A Total Badass KRISTEN THOMPSON • JUNE 23, 2017 I get the excited phone call just after lunch: Baby is here! Everyone is healthy and happy. And of course the inevitable condensed version of the labour: She powered through. No interventions, no drugs. “She was a f***ing beast!” he says. He’s so proud of his wife, and in such awe of how she delivered their baby, that it’s all he can talk…

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How to get a bikini body – FAST!

Get a bikini body fast with guaranteed results I wish I had known how easy it was to get a beach-body before now. Follow this simple three-step guide and you’ll be beach ready faster than you can say sand-in-my-pants. Take your favourite bikini from the drawer and put it on. This second step is optional, but I never skip it myself: Grab a razor of your choice (I use Bic) and take care of those pesky stray hairs. This should…

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Baby talk

When innocent comments sexualize kids Experts say calling kids ‘flirt’ or ‘heartbreaker’ can actually damage their understanding of sexuality Original story ran in Toronto Star on Aug. 21, 2016 I’ll admit to having done something super cliché when I found out one of my best friends was expecting a boy after my daughter was born: I started planning our kids’ wedding. At their first play date — and let me emphasize that they were just little blobs lying on a…

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A letter to my daughter

TO MY LITTLE ONE Dance Like No One Is Watching By Kristen Thompson My beautiful girl, You’re only 15 months old, but I’ve never known another person so full of life, so unapologetic, so unabashed. This, my little button, is why I love you. I have more reasons to love you than there are stars in the sky, and this is one of them. One day you will not live so carefree. You will tug on your clothes with a…

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One year retrospective

Advice For Myself, One Year Ago Today By KRISTEN THOMPSON. April 30, 2014 A year ago today I was a brand new mother and my world was a jumble of joy and fear. I was both over- and under-stimulated. Days were spent doing very little while somehow being horribly chaotic. I was the recipient of lots of advice, support and praise, and yet I was filled with self-doubt. I was (and continue to be) my own harshest critic. No one…

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Missing the picture

TAKING PICS Let’s Take More Photos Of Moms By KRISTEN THOMPSON. Feb. 11, 2014 There’s a photo of my mother and me that I know by heart. I’m in her arms in my grandparents’ backyard. I’m reaching out and smiling at someone off-camera. My mother’s blonde hair is cut short. She is wearing a lavender blouse and is looking down at me, smiling. She looks beautiful. And she looks proud. I love this photo. There aren’t many of just the…

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Our beautiful bodies

PREGNANCY & BODY IMAGE Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? By Kristen Thompson Enough. Please I’m begging: Enough. Enough with the sensational magazine cover stories about celebrity pregnancy weight gain. As if this is news (it isn’t). As if it’s our right to stand at the grocery store checkout and gawk (it isn’t). As if what’s happened to these women’s bodies is unnatural (it’s not). For the record, none of this is okay:   Would we do this to…

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Weaning woes

NURSING MY BABE The Bittersweet End To Breastfeeding (my first baby) By KRISTEN THOMPSON. Feb. 4, 2014 I remember the first time I put my fresh-from-the-womb newborn on my breast. I was trying to gently coerce my nipple into her tiny mewing mouth and the nurse who was helping me remarked, “Someone’s done this before!” And I laughed because I really didn’t know what I was doing. But maybe, I thought, it’s just like everyone had promised: maybe once baby…

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