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Saving My Sanity with Amber Teething Necklaces


Motherhood is a like a swift slap in the face. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really awesome that I have a precious little baby to cuddle with and love on anytime I want, but uh … this isn’t easy. If you’ve been through the sleepless nights, colic, and constant feedings, you probably feel like a champion. But then, teething comes into play, and it’s a whole new ball game. At least, that’s how I felt. Read more

Favourite Winter Gear for Little People

We just got an epic dump of snow. And now that we have two very active little people, we need to make sure we’re keeping them warm and dry for the following (swear word) months until spring. After some trial and error, we’ve finally found the best outdoor gear, guaranteed to keep our active little girls toasty and happy during this long (and fun!) Canadian winter. Read story

Fall Fashions for Toddler Girls

It may be scorching out east, but here in the west, it’s crisp and cool. Polly is my rough-and-tumble digger-loving, bug-loving outdoorsy girl. Here are some favourite fall fashion picks for my just-turned-two-year-old

-11Fall Fashions for Little Girls

It’s here! My favourite time of year, and along with it, comfy cozy cool-weather fashions. As Isla gets older, she’s also embracing her own sense of style, which is reflective of her personality: a little girly, a little urban, and a little outdoorsy. Here are our favourite fall fashion pics for my precocious preschooler.

Our Fave Sippy Cups

Of all the kid’s gear that’s caused me the most stress, it’s sippy cups. At one point we had an entire cupboard of them. After four years of trial and error, we’ve finally found the best sippy cups ever. Have I peaked your interest? Read more

-3Fingerprint necklaces

(Sponsored post) I often worry I’m not doing enough to capture my daughter’s fleeting childhoods – tangible, tactile things I can touch and feel, and that will remind me of their smallness. Which is why I love my silver necklace, that has my kids’ tiny fingerprints embedded right in the pendant. Read more

Special Report February 14, 2017Valentine’s Day the Family Way

Having kids doesn’t mean parents need to give up on Valentine’s Day altogether. It just means we need to tweak how we recognize it, by including the kids and making it a day to celebrate the whole family. For great V-Day gift ideas for kids, read more

Restaurant bag for tiny diners

Have you ever gone out for dinner with your kid and regretted it the second you sat down? Maybe the restaurant didn’t have a kids’ menu or colouring book. Maybe the food took forever and your squirmy starving child lost her mind waiting for her fries and saltines. Well, a restaurant bag will help! Read more

9 gift ideas for kids who have everything 

Grandma and Grandpa want a list of what your kid wants for the holidays—but the last thing you need is more toys to fill up your already-crammed playroom. Try these ideas instead. Read more

What new moms really want for Mother’s Day 

A gift guide for new mothers and moms-to-be. Hint: they really just want to hear “thank you”, and to get a nice long break. Read more


giftideasforhimBaby shower gifts – the do’s and the don’ts

Trying to come up with something to buy a friend, family member or co-worker as a baby gift can be daunting. As someone who’s given gifts and received them, here are my top pics for baby shower or baptism gifts, whether you know the person intimately, or just barely. Here are my ideas for the best gifts to get people who are expecting or who have just had a baby. Read more

Screen shot 2014-07-08 at 6.48.18 PMFavourite baby dining gear

Feeding baby: it’s messy, it’s frustrating, and it’s weirdly exciting. Everyone does it differently, and everyone uses different stuff to get that grub in their gullets. I’ve come across some less-than-useful inventions (formula dispenser, bottle sterilizer, bottle warmer), and some head-smackingly brilliant baby feeding whatnots that make life just that little bit easier. And isn’t that all that we want? Here are my fave baby feeding products so far, from newborn to toddler… Read more

DSCF4988-682x1024Best ever family faces book

Isla’s favourite book, hands down, is her Little Book of Family Faces. I got the idea from the wonderful blog A Cup of Jo, after she made a similar book for her son through Pinhole Press. We made our photo book using Blurb, which I’ve used to make photo books in the past. The website is simple to use and books are easy to customize, with a wide variety of templates, colours, fonts and book sizes. We published a soft cover book to save on money and the final product only cost us about $15. Read more

DSCF4940Favourite books – 6 to 12 months

Reading is an important part of downtime in our family, and has become an lovely part of Isla’s bedtime routine. After she’s had her last bottle, her bath and gotten into her PJs, she curls up in our arms in the little reading corner in her nursery, and we delve into the wonderful world of stories. Read more

How I became a cloth diaper convert

When I was pregnant and we told people we wanted to “try” cloth diapering our baby, we were usually met with a raised eyebrow and a “we’ll just see how long that lasts!” smirk. Read more



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