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10 Things You And Your Spouse Will Fight About In Baby’s First Year

Original story published in Today’s Parent on Nov. 14, 2017

My husband and I are on our honeymoon. We’re clinking spoons of gelato under a Mediterranean sun and remarking with pride how we have never been in a fight. No couple has ever been so compatible, so agreeable, so… naïve.

Fast forward one year, and we’re threatening divorce because the dishwasher hasn’t been loaded properly. Door slamming and rage crying are daily occurrences. What’s changed? We have a new baby. Read story

On Bad Parenting and Terrible Mistakes

Let’s all put down our pitchforks and torches for a minute, and talk reasonably about a terrible tragedy that just happened at the Cincinnati Zoo. Read more

Friends without kids: We still want to hang out

Of all the warnings that came my way when I announced I was expecting, the most common – by far – was this: get your sleep now (ya right) – once you have a baby, your life will change forever. Goodbye spontaneity. Hello sweatpants and Netflix. Read more

Parenting, and other peoples’ advice

Have we all gone a little bit overboard with the “how dare you judge me?!” outrage that’s sweeping parenting blogs, Facebook groups and play dates lately? I feel like every other article is a tirade against parents who pipe up with “unsolicited” advice, which apparently makes you a total d-bag. Read more

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