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We started making Busy Boxes in the early fall, when the days started getting shorter and the weather colder. The idea is to make (ahead of time) five boxes of quiet activities or crafts that are ready to pop in front of your toddler when you both need a time-out – for us that’s after daycare while I’m making dinner, or when our youngest is napping and I’d rather not turn on the TV as a babysitter.

They’re brilliant because they are cheap and easy to make, you can fill them with any activity you think your toddler or pre-schooler might enjoy, and for the most part they don’t require adult supervision – which means your little person can quietly work away at whatever fun project is in the box, and you can, well, do whatever you want.

I like to put mine together on Sunday night, and have one box ready to go for each week day (Monday to Friday). Most of the items are things we already have on hand in our craft bin, or can be easily picked up at the Dollar Store or Walmart. Here are some of our favourite activities so far:

img_7147Busy Boxes: Week 1

  • Rainbow Rice
  • Pipe cleaners & Buttons
  • Fall Printables
  • DIY Play Dough
  • Pom Poms

Busy Boxes: Week 2

  • Halloween Printables
  • DIY Gak (silly putty)
  • Moon Sand
  • Threading Beads
  • Popsicle Stick Puzzle

img_7854Busy Boxes: Week 3

  • Sticker Letters
  • Duplo Puzzles
  • Scissor Practice
  • Magnet Letters & Cookie Sheet
  • Foam Stickers

Busy Boxes: Thanksgiving

  • Felt Scarecrow Dress-up Activity
  • Colour-by-Number Turkey
  • Autumn Colours Pipe Cleaner Trees
  • Number Recognition Turkey Activity
  • Pumpkin Spice Scented Play Dough

FullSizeRenderBusy Boxes: Valentine’s Day

  • Lacing Hearts
  • Homemade Cards
  • Valentine Craft (from Michael’s)
  • Scented Play Dough Cookies
  • Rainbow Rice Letter Recognition

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