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I love writing, and I love journalism. I’ve worked for 11 incredible years in this  industry, sticking my elbows out to get the best shot at crammed press conferences, interviewing amazing people (like Romeo Dallaire), and sweating through tight deadlines in high energy newsrooms.

But in 2015 I made the decision to take my career down a different path, saying goodbye to the newsroom so I could freelance and blog, while being home with my children.

Stick around to check out some of my recently-published op-eds.

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Feeding my family is the bane of my existence (Today’s Parent)

Feeding my family is, hands down, the parenting task I loathe the most. No matter how much forethought I put into to each person’s individual preferences, the meal I make will offend someone. Read story

Why 2016 sucked (Metro)

If you feel like 2016 was a bit of a disaster, you’re not alone. From back-to-back celebrity deaths, to a U.S. election that will put Donald Trump in the White House, 2016 blindsided many of us with an endless loop of shocking and crappy news. Grab a box of tissues, and let’s recap the absurd hot mess that was this past year. Read more

Why I won’t Xmas shop online (Toronto Star)

I’ve gone retro with my Christmas shopping this year, and I’m not talking about the types of gifts I’ve bought. I mean I shopped in-person, exchanging cash for gifts-in-hand. We stood awestruck in the presence of Santa, and actually had fun. In fact, it was so refreshing to go offline that I think I’ll do it again next year. Read more

Don’t call me “mommy”(Toronto Star)

Recently, I overhead a conversation between friends in which one told the other that I have a “mommy blog.” It’s a term I’m familiar with, but had never considered it might apply to me, and I found myself offended without really understanding why. “I don’t only write about motherhood,” I thought to myself. “And even if I did, why does my blog need to be qualified?” Read more

elf-shelf-today-tease-151218_ad4532b5c378f6cdacc1998b8e18de7c-today-inline-largeToronto Star series: Two parents, two views

Two parents weigh in on controversial topics in this Toronto Star series: Yay or Nay to Elf on a Shelf; Forcing kids to share; Swearing in front of our kids; Paying for chores; and Enrolling kids in violent sports.

img-4915Facebook needs your breastfeeding selfies — a.k.a brelfies (Metro)

I have this secret stash of selfies on my laptop that I wish I could post online except they show too much nipple. Or more nipple than I’m used to showing off to Facebook friends. They’re pics I’ve taken of me breastfeeding, snapped in secret because I wanted to capture the moment for posterity, even though I figured it was maybe a weirdo thing to do… Read more

breastfeeding.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoToo old to breastfeed? (Metro)

There’s a large faction of people out there who are pretty grossed out by the idea of breastfeeding toddlers and preschoolers. Opinions range from: “It’s weird and makes me uncomfortable” to “it’s tantamount to pedophilia.” The latter opinion veers well into the realm of crazy. The former, well, I used to see the point there. I now know better… Read more

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.22.03 PMWhy we gave up being landlords to be Airbnb hosts instead (Toronto Star)

They leave us Israeli dates, Dutch cheese graters, homemade Brazilian treats and toys for our kids. Little thank-yous for hosting them in our home, even though it’s not really our home, but an apartment we built in our basement and converted into an Airbnb suite. To say we didn’t get that treatment when we were landlords is an understatement… Read more

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 6.34.09 PMTrudeaus’ breastfeeding tweet an amazing show of support for moms (Metro)

Our prime minister did something really cool this week, and I’m not talking about shirtless photobombs. He tweeted a beautiful pic of his wife nursing their son, Hadrien. The caption read, “Let’s support mothers who breastfeed anytime, anywhere.” He was throwing his support behind World Breastfeeding Week… Read more

What new moms really want for Mother’s Day (Metro)

A gift guide for new mothers and moms-to-be. Hint: they really just want to hear “thank you”, and to get a nice long break. Read more


breastfeedingWe need to end breastfeeding shaming (Metro)

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this column because this has been said so many times. But, given the recent breastfeeding-shaming incidents at a Winnipeg mall and on a United Airlines flight, I guess it needs to be said again: Breastfeeding is not gross. It’s natural, it’s important and it’s really difficult. So it’s shocking to me that mothers are being shamed for doing it in public — and by other women. I nursed my daughter for 12 months. Sometimes I covered up, sometimes I didn’t, but I was always modest – as our most nursing mothers… Read more

promo-front-1_0Gentrification can include marginalized people (Metro)

Something pretty amazing in the world of social outreach happened in Toronto last week, and it’s caught the attention of homeless advocates across the country. A 106-bed shelter for women and children was slated to close at the end of March, but a developer stepped in and offered space in a boutique condo in a trendy neighbourhood. The news was celebrated around the city, especially in the community of Leslieville, where 50,000 people signed a petition demanding the shelter stay open… Read more

Screen shot 2015-03-01 at 11.55.10 AM Confessions of a former Mean Girl on Pink Shirt Day (Metro)

It’s Pink Shirt Day in Canada — a national day to raise awareness about bullying — so let’s talk. Bullying education has come a long way since I was a kid. Students today learn that bullying takes many forms, from the physical to emotional, and they’re taught to recognize and address these various forms of abuse. It’s a conversation we need to keep having, as it’s easy for children — and adults — to ignore the types of bullying that don’t leave bruises… Read more

 vaccineIt’s not about just your child. The case for mandatory vaccinations (Metro)

Ready for your daily dose of controversy? I believe strongly in childhood vaccinations. Wait, I’m not done. I believe they should be mandatory. I can feel thousands of readers bristling right now. This is a sensitive topic because most of us love our children. But that doesn’t mean we are always acting in their best interest. And that’s when the government should step in… Read more

homeless1 What’s wrong with feeding the homeless? When no good deed goes unpunished (Metro)

I’m your average Canadian — polite, apologetic and law-abiding. I like that rules are in place to maintain order and fairness. But there’s something wrong with a legal system that punishes Good Samaritans — and by extension the people they are trying to help… Read more

Ban Ki-Moon Meets With Malala Yousafzai At The U.N.The new (baby)face of feminism (Metro)

There’s a new face to feminism these days. It’s a youthful face, made up of girls fighting for women’s rights before they’ve become women themselves. Consider Malala Yousafzai, who has just become the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. She was only 11 years old when she became a vocal activist for the universal right to education. Her rallying cry for children’s and girls’ equality is aimed at policy-makers. But, by virtue of her age, she’s inspiring fellow children…  Read more

Ghomeshi Charged 20141126It’s not about Ghomeshi, it’s about sexual violence (Metro)

Let me inundate you with even more Jian Ghomeshi analysis, because I think it’s important. In fact, I think it’s a matter of life and death. So before we turn the page, hear me out. Jian Ghomeshi has been charged and the case is in the courts, but this isn’t the time to turn our backs on the story. If we do so, it will end an important dialogue about sexual violence, and that puts women in danger… Read more

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