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I love writing, and I love journalism. I’ve worked for 11 incredible years in this  industry, sticking my elbows out to get the best shot at crammed press conferences, interviewing amazing people (like Romeo Dallaire), and sweating through tight deadlines in high energy newsrooms.

But in 2015 I made the decision to take my career down a different path, saying goodbye to the newsroom so I could freelance and blog, while being home with my children.

Stick around to check out some of my recent stories about social media and the news.

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Most recently published articles

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 2.27.49 PMHow hashtag activism brought out the best us  (Metro)

Social media isn’t without its flaws. It can sometimes seem like nothing more than a meeting place for narcissists and trolls. But it can also bring out the best in people, providing them with a platform to campaign for important causes that might otherwise go unnoticed, and giving them an almost limitless audience. Read more

Wee ones and the web (Toronto Star)

Baby Joey Marie Choi is only halfway through her first year of life, and already she’s an Internet celebrity with a tickle trunk that would make most cosplayers jealous. She’s been dressed as singers Sia, Beyoncé, Game of Thrones hero Jon Snow and even Eleven from Stranger Things — all while blissfully asleep. The photos are so excruciatingly adorable, they’ve been shared all over the web. Read more

Social media and competitive parenting (Toronto Star)

It happens almost daily: I log in to Facebook. I scroll through my feed. And I’m bombarded with photographs of babies from my mom group eating solids or sitting unassisted. Then I look at my own 6-month-old daughter lying like a blob and I feel a twang of panic. Shouldn’t she be reaching for toys and popping teeth, too? What’s wrong with her? Read more

Media and mental illness (Metro)

There are several terrible truths surrounding the stabbings of two teenage girls in an Abbotsford high school. The first and most tragic being that a young girl is dead and another injured. The second being that the young man allegedly responsible appears to have had no motive. Whether mental illness played a factor is still unclear, but that hasn’t stopped many people from jumping to that conclusion. Read more

Don’t call me “mommy”(Toronto Star)

Recently, I overhead a conversation between friends in which one told the other that I have a “mommy blog.” It’s a term I’m familiar with, but had never considered it might apply to me, and I found myself offended without really understanding why. “I don’t only write about motherhood,” I thought to myself. “And even if I did, why does my blog need to be qualified?” Read more

img-4915Facebook needs your breastfeeding selfies — a.k.a brelfies (Metro)

I have this secret stash of selfies on my laptop that I wish I could post online except they show too much nipple. Or more nipple than I’m used to showing off to Facebook friends. They’re pics I’ve taken of me breastfeeding, snapped in secret because I wanted to capture the moment for posterity, even though I figured it was maybe a weirdo thing to do… Read more

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 6.34.09 PMTrudeaus’ breastfeeding tweet an amazing show of support for moms (Metro)

Our prime minister did something really cool this week, and I’m not talking about shirtless photobombs. He tweeted a beautiful pic of his wife nursing their son, Hadrien. The caption read, “Let’s support mothers who breastfeed anytime, anywhere.” He was throwing his support behind World Breastfeeding Week… Read more

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