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I love writing, and I love journalism. I’ve worked for 11 incredible years in this  industry, sticking my elbows out to get the best shot at crammed press conferences, interviewing amazing people (like Romeo Dallaire), and sweating through tight deadlines in high energy newsrooms.

But in 2015 I made the decision to take my career down a different path, saying goodbye to the newsroom so I could freelance and blog, while being home with my children.

Stick around to check out some of my recent stories about parenthood and raising kids.

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The Love-Hate of Back-to-School (The View)

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and little people across the city (and their parents) are preparing for a milestone I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready for: the first day of school. Read story

Sun safety and kids (Today’s Parent)

It’s that time of year again when parents line the sunscreen aisle scratching their heads over SPF ratings. Figuring out how best to protect our children from the sun can seem daunting. The market is so saturated with sun-safety products, and there’s conflicting information about how best to keep UV rays at bay. Read story

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 12.41.47 PMKids and 911 (Today’s Parent)

The last thing Tracey Smith recalls before blacking out on her bathroom floor is the sound of her three-year-old’s voice. “I can remember my son asking me something, but I didn’t have the ability to respond,” says the Alberta mom. “And then I went out.” Smith often suffers from migraines. Usually they lay her up on the couch. This time was different. Read more

Wee ones and the web (Toronto Star)

Baby Joey Marie Choi is only halfway through her first year of life, and already she’s an Internet celebrity with a tickle trunk that would make most cosplayers jealous. She’s been dressed as singers Sia, Beyoncé, Game of Thrones hero Jon Snow and even Eleven from Stranger Things — all while blissfully asleep. The photos are so excruciatingly adorable, they’ve been shared all over the web. Read more

When innocent comments sexualize kids        (Toronto Star)

I’ll admit to having done something super cliché when I found out one of my best friends was expecting a boy after my daughter was born: I started planning our kids’ wedding. At their first play date — and let me emphasize that they were just little blobs lying on a play mat — I may have referred to him as Isla’s “little boyfriend.” Read more

Social media and competitive parenting (Toronto Star)

It happens almost daily: I log in to Facebook. I scroll through my feed. And I’m bombarded with photographs of babies from my mom group eating solids or sitting unassisted. Then I look at my own 6-month-old daughter lying like a blob and I feel a twang of panic. Shouldn’t she be reaching for toys and popping teeth, too? What’s wrong with her? Read more

elf-shelf-today-tease-151218_ad4532b5c378f6cdacc1998b8e18de7c-today-inline-largeToronto Star series: Two parents, two views

Two parents weigh in on controversial topics in this Toronto Star series: Yay or Nay to Elf on a Shelf; Forcing kids to share; Swearing in front of our kids; Paying for chores; and Enrolling kids in violent sports.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.03.34 PMBabylicious welcomes tykes into T.O. eateries (Toronto Star)

Tabülé on Queen St. E. is packed with media moms and their babies. We’re sitting at tables chatting while the kids, strapped into high chairs, suck back food pouches. All the kids, that is, except my 3-year-old … Read more

dreamstimel50397858.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoKids and food allergies (Toronto Star)

Any new parent will likely agree to at least these two universal truths: you want to do what’s best for your kid, and what’s best is often subjective. Most people will tell you just to go with your gut, but what happens when your gut is the problem? … Read more

vaccineIt’s not about just your child. The case for mandatory vaccinations (Metro)

Ready for your daily dose of controversy? I believe strongly in childhood vaccinations. Wait, I’m not done. I believe they should be mandatory. I can feel thousands of readers bristling right now. This is a sensitive topic because most of us love our children. But that doesn’t mean we are always acting in their best interest. And that’s when the government should step in… Read more

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