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Have you ever gone out for dinner with your kid and regretted it the second you sat down? Maybe the restaurant didn’t have a kids’ menu or colouring book. Maybe the food took forever and your squirmy starving child lost her mind waiting for her fries and saltines. Maybe she finished her meal in four seconds, and you had to devour your much-longed for cheeseburger in four bites so you could pay the bill and peace out. Well, having a restaurant bag will help!

Full disclosure: this fantastic idea isn’t mine. Like most brilliant parenting ideas, it came from Pinterest. And it’s made eating out way easier. We keep ours in the car, along with our Tiny Diner portable place mat and portable baby seat. Read on:

IMG_0091  IMG_0093 Mine is just a cheapo toiletry bag from Shopper’s Drug Mart. I like that the pockets are see-through, and that I can divide up the contents.

IMG_0097It’s really as simple as that. You can customize your bag with whatever works for your kids. Mine has:

– Two bibs that crumple up into tiny balls

– Wet ones for gross sticky post-meal hands

– Forks and spoons for both kids

– Snacks for those times when we show up starving and they can’t wait to have something to eat

– Silicone cup toppers (which will turn the restaurant’s cup into a sippy cup or a straw cup)

– Silly putty

– Paw Patrol memory game

– Stickers and a $1 Play Pack

– Dry Erase booklet

– Triangle Crayola crayons (which won’t roll off the table!)


That’s it!

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