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Calm down bottles are a mesmerizing and relaxing way to help someone of any age (including myself) hit the reset button. You can use them as timer for timeouts, teeth brushing, or even just to help a worked up little person settle down.

There are lots of different ways to make glitter bottles, but I found this recipe to have the fewest ingredients and steps, and the outcome was still stunning.

This is what you’ll need:


Step 1:

Remove the label from your bottle. Take one good chug of water, then pour the water into a microwave-safe measuring cup and heat the water to warm-hot (on my microwave that’s 30 seconds). Add the water back in the bottle.

Step 2:

Squeeze the glitter glue in to your bottle. A good rule of thumb is to use enough glue that it constitutes about 20% of the bottle. The more glue, the longer it takes for the glitter to settle back down to the bottom. I wanted to use several colours of glue, which is why I bought the multi pack. Then shake the living daylights out of it to break the glue up

Step 3:

Add the glitter. The amount is up to you, but play around with it until you get the esthetic you like.

Step 4:

Add more water if you need to top it up, then super glue the cap in place so little hands can’t open it and explode liquid glitter madness all over your beige suede couch.

Step 5:

Shake and enjoy.


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