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To Mothers Everywhere

By Kristen Thompson


Happy Mother’s Day to moms near and far, to moms we get to see everyday, and moms we can only talk to in prayer

Moms whose babies have grown, and moms whose babies are growing inside them

Moms who work, moms who stay home

Moms who make everything from scratch, moms who buy everything at the store

Moms who are sad, moms who yell, moms who are tired, moms who are overwhelmed

Moms who stay up all night tending to colds, finishing projects, baking cupcakes or worrying by the front door

Moms who would never give their children McDonald’s, moms who can’t afford anything but McDonald’s

Moms who let the laundry pile up, moms who need a tidy home to stay sane

Moms who don’t have enough time, who worry they are doing it wrong, who can’t wait until their kids go to bed, who can’t wait for their kids to wake up

Moms whose nights are sleepless because of teething, monsters under the bed, or missed curfews

Moms who do it alone, moms who do it with their husbands, moms who do it with their wives

Moms who had to give their baby to someone else to give them a better life

Stepmoms, foster moms, grandmas, aunties and friends who took someone else’s baby to give them a better life

Moms whose babies came from someone else’s belly

Moms whose babies are small enough to hold in their arms, moms whose babies yell at them through closed doors, moms whose babies live in another city, another province, another country

Moms whose babies have babies of their own

Moms whose babies are in heaven

Moms who support other moms, who praise those who do it differently from them, who recognize there’s no one right way to do it, who know this a difficult and scary job, whether you’ve been doing it for three months or 30 years

You are teacher, doctor, chef, housekeeper, therapist, chauffeur. You have the hardest and most important job I can think of.

Happy Mother’s Day


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