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How to make a sensory bag

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I got this idea for a squishy, fun sensory toy from someone on Facebook and was surprised how easy and inexpensive it was to make. I got everything I needed from the Dollar Store.

This could also be a fun activity for a toddler’s birthday party. Each kiddo could make their own – under supervision – and the finished project would be their take-home present.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– freezer-friendly ziploc bag (size is up to you)
– fun duct tape (Michael’s has a good selection if you can’t find any at the Dollar Store)
– nail polish remover
– cotton pad or cotton ball
– hair gel or aloe vera gel
– small plastic toys like marbles, beads, googly eyes, rubber erasers and buttons (nothing made of metal or with sharp edges)
– scissors (not pictured – oops)



Step 1 – use the nail polish remover and the cotton pad to wipe the print off the plastic bag


Step 2 – fill the bag with toys


Step 3 – add the gel and seal the bag. I used about half a bottleDSCF5013

Step 4 – duct tape all four sides of the bag and trim the excess


┬áStep 5 – you’re done!


Parenting blog Mama OT has a list of great sensory bag ideas here. Have fun!

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DIY Sensory Bag-1-4



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